H're lies thy bounteous treasures of the Dragon's Hoard.
D'ye have what it takes to make it out alive with some?

Throne of the Flamekeeper

(Bourbon Barrel Throne)

The most coveted prize in the hoard. Only one is worthy of its comforts... and its power. Are you The Chosen One?


Possessed Electric Puzzle Box

(PlayStation 5)

This legendary item grants the ability to conjure alternate realities. And it seems to have survived a dragon attack...


Gygaxian Portal to Infinite Worlds

(1st Edition D&D Set)

This item grants its owner the ability to conjure endless imaginary realms and adventures within them.


Sword of the Flamekeeper

(Bourbon Barrel Sword)

Crafted from the oak of actual Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrels, this sword offers +50 badassery.


Shield of the Flamekeeper

(Bourbon Barrel Shield)

Crafted from the oak of actual Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrels, you can nearly smell its history. Mmm. Vanilla.


Business Formal Battle Armor

(Chainmail Necktie)

This item grants its wearer +5 defense against buzzwords and the ability to conjure corporate acronyms at will.


Tome of Eternal Narrative

(The NeverEnding Story, Leatherbound)

Rhymes that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds. And there upon a rainbow is the answer...


Everflowing Dragon’s Grail

(Dragon Chalice)

This magical drinking vessel grants the ability to harness the power of the Dragon, and imbibe like a true Dragon Master.


Fossilized Dragon Eggs

(Replica Dragon Eggs)

Be warned: Dragon-rearing can be dangerous and costly. Keep in a cool dark place to avoid hatching.


Unguent of Winter Healing

(Dragon’s Milk Lip Balm)

This simple salve offers enchanted protection against chapping curses and dry spells.


Snifter of Greater Scenting

(Dragon’s Milk 14 oz Snifter)

This blessed vessel has the power to transform even the most novice of tasters into a seasoned cicerone.


Level 1 Bottle Armor

(Dragon’s Milk Bottle Insulator)

This item offers +5 defense against ambient temperatures and +10 defense against condensation.


The Key of Destiny

(Dragon’s Milk Bottle Opener)

This key grants its holder the ability to unlock the finest elixir in all the land! And it’s your destiny to imbibe it.


Bronze Ticket of Consolation

(20% Off Coupon Code)

This ticket grants its possessor the awesome power to reduce Dragon's Milk swag cost by one fifth!


Prizes Available:

12/18/20 10pm UTC

to 12/21/20 4am UTC

Winning a prize is subject to verification of eligibility. See Full Rules for complete prize details.